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Florence County Library System Selected to Receive the Southeastern Library Association’s Outstanding Library Program Award.

The Florence County Library System was recently selected to receive the Southeastern Library Association’s “Outstanding Southeastern Library Program Award” for its financial literacy program, “Money Madness Teen Lock-In.” This program, which was hosted in May, was made possible by a grant from Smart investing@your library®, a partnership between the American Library Association and the FINRA Investor Education Foundation. Funds for this grant were administered by the Friends of the Florence County Library.

The “Money Madness Teen Lock-In” was an overwhelming success, with 189 teens from across Florence County attending. This broke the standing record for teens attending a library program in South Carolina. “The success of this program was due largely in part to our strong partnership with the South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs, the enthusiastic support of area schools, and the dedication of our Children’s and Teen Librarians,” commented Project Manager, Aubrey Carroll.

Teens who attended the after-hours program participated in financial literacy-themed games, crafts, and a mock quiz show competition. Goals of the program included encouraging teens to make smarter financial decisions by avoiding credit card debt and creating a personal budget. Surveys completed during the program indicated that over ninety-five percent of all participating teens learned at least two financial concepts as a result of the planned activities. Follow-up surveys conducted thirty days after the program reported that over fifty percent of all attendees were still engaged in smarter financial decisions directly as a result of attending the programming.

  • Consumer Fraud Alerts – A partnership with the South Carolina Department
    of Consumer Affairs will produce a multifaceted electronic alert (radio,
    television, web, text, social networking) system to inform the community of
    financial scams in our area.
  • The Library Now Offers Print and Electronic Resources for all ages:
    • Value Line Investment Survey Online – Online access to Value
      Line’s leading publications covering stocks, mutual funds,
      options and convertible securities as well as special situation
    • $ 6,500 worth of children’s and young adult books about money
      concepts, such as earning, saving, and the value of money.
    • $ 4,500 worth of money management and investments books
      (including e-books) targeted toward different adult age segments
      depending on financial needs at different life stages.



  • Lottery/Sweepstakes Scams: Never send money to claim a prize, especially through a wire transfer. It’s like sending cash. Legitimate lotteries or sweepstakes do not ask you to send money in order to collect.
  • Fake Checks: Never cash an unsolicited check sent in the mail If you receive a fake check contact the post office and ask to speak to your local inspector.
  • Beware of Investment Scams: Check out the salesperson, company, and investment opportunity before making any decisions.
  • Medical Scams: Be skeptical of any free test, cheap miracle drugs, especially if you don’t hear about from your doctor. Never get your prescription drugs from unsolicited e-mail.
  • Charity Scams: These scams follow the headlines. Before you donate to help victims of the latest disaster, ask questions. Know who you are dealing with, where the money is going and how much the group is trying to raise.

A partnership between American Library Association
and FINRA Investor Education Foundation
FINRA is proud to support the American Library Association